Does Microsoft accept bitcoin?

pay with bitcoin at Microsoft

As a leading name in the IT scene, a request amongst newcomers to cryptocurrency is whether Microsoft accepts bitcoin payments.

Why consider accepting bitcoin payments?

Once the domain of coders and financiers, bitcoin and altcoins are becoming increasingly present in the lives of ordinary individuals. Perhaps partially owing to the growth of internet shopping, more major companies are beginning to accept digital currencies as payment.

Nonetheless, the use of digital currencies is highly debated, centred around their fluctuating, unpredictable value.

Is Microsoft on-board?

Microsoft has been accepting bitcoin payments since December 2014. It did announce a tentative withdrawal of bitcoin payments for games and apps in January 2018. It has, however, mostly maintained a consistent presence of bitcoin payment options on its storefronts. As of March 2018, Microsoft now also allows bitcoin cash payments on US storefronts.

How to buy Microsoft products with bitcoin

The process of using bitcoin to pay for Microsoft products on their online stores is, like most online services, highly accessible.

Once you have logged into your account, go to the “payment & billing” section, and select “redeem bitcoin.” Then, click “next.”

From this point, you can transfer the selected amount of bitcoin into your wallet. If you use a PC, selecting “open in wallet” allows payment from your bitcoin wallet on the same device.

If you are using a mobile phone, scanning your QR code on the page allows you to pay directly from your bitcoin mobile app.

Of course, bitcoin payments are very new and so there still exist certain limitations.

Limitations and the future of bitcoin payments

Most notably, the bitcoins added to your account cannot be refunded or used in the online store. Bitcoin payments are limited to digital purchases including games, apps and movies found in the Windows and Xbox stores.

Nevertheless, the growth of cryptocurrency leaves many hopeful that its use will diversify in the near future. Until then, the answer to the question of whether Microsoft accepts bitcoin is, generally speaking, a definitive “yes.”

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